Lepší.TV - A new dimension of watching TV

IPTV Lepší.TV brings you live online broadcast of more than 60 TV stations with a wide range of further benefits. Compared to an ordinary cable TV, the Lepší.TV online TV doesn't have any special needs for coverage. The only thing you need is an internet connection. Therefore, you can go and watch wherever and whenever you're online while not being limited by the low quality of the broadcast as well as the service provided. Moreover, Lepší.TV brings you HD broadcast and a wide range of further fine-tuned TV options, with which you get an uncomparably better experience from watching TV!

Choose from more than 60 TV stations

Lepší.TV offers entertainment for all watchers. Therefore, you will find not only Czech and Slovakian TV stations but also premium movie channels such as JOJ Cinema or Filmbox Premium. Not even the sports fans will be bored - there is Nova Sport 1, ČT Sport or Sport 5. We haven't missed out erotic channels for adults, either, while children will be pleased by a wide offer of animated fairy-tales on ČT :D, Nickelodeon or CS Mini. Of course the broadcast of chosen TV stations in high definition is included.

Live broadcast or playback from up to 30 days

Apart from live broadcast, the Lepší.TV service also offers the possibility to watch all stations on playback from up to 30 days. Therefore, you don't have to be afraid of missing anything from the broadcast. You just choose the date and then you can play the whole program from that day. Moving back in time has never been easier!

Online broadcast with a range of tuned functions

For the watchers' maximum comfort, Lepší.TV brings you some more fine-tuned TV functions such as Pause, Skip or Record. This way you can pause a live broadcast whenever you need it and you can continue watching when it's suitable for you. Immediately after the broadcast of the show, there's an extra function for you - skipping - with which you simply skip things you don't want to watch.

Getting ready for a holiday while not wanting to miss your favourite series? Record them! With the Lepší.TV online television, you can take advantage of unlimited recording of all TV stations. Your recordings can then be easily downloaded onto your chosen device or you can watch them online from an online folder, My Recordings, so you don't need to follow the TV program but only what you want to watch.

Hundreds of movies and series online on your TV

Don't forget the best of television, either. If the TV program didn't catch your eye or if you don't want to spend time looking for TV shows, try a unique movie library The Best of TV, which brings you hundreds of movies online and series of many various genres. Simply choose what you fancy watching without having to wait. With Lepší.TV, you are finally in control of your TV!

How to watch the Lepší.TV online television

You can use the service on your TV with Lepší.TV Android set top box or in the form of online broadcast on your computer, smartphone or tablet. The only thing you need is a stable internet connection. The wiring as well as the use of the service is very intuitive. Everyone can manage!

Are you ready for a new dimension of watching TV?

Order Lepší.TV

Because for the best price 7 € a month, you will get:
Pause, Skip and Record
Any time during the broadcast
you can make a pause,
skip what you don't want to watch
or you can record
any show you want
30 days back
You can watch all TV shows
from the chosen stations
from a video archive up to
30 days back *
A computer in your television
in your television
Just connect your keyboard and mouse to
your Lepší.TV BOX and your television
becomes a full-time computer
with Android 6
Other benefits you will find nowhere else
1000 + radio stations Thanks to the FM Cube app, you can now listen to radios from all over the world
Watch everything you want Watch TV via your set top box, on computer, on your tablet or smartphone
YouTube Play videos and music videos on YouTube
Spotify Thanks to Spotify, you can listen to your favourite artists and music as you like it, for free
Facebook You can be on Facebook while watching TV
Internet browser You can surf the internet on TV comfortably
Editing documents The preinstalled apps enable you to view and edit documents and tables.
Calculator Even a calculator can come in handy
Weather forecast Have an overview about the weather forecast in your city
Calendar holiday Do you keep forgetting your loved ones' name days? Always keep an eye on them!
E-mail Read your e-mails comfortably on your TV!
Google Play Store Download tens of thousands of free games and apps
Play Movies, music, photos from your micro SD or USB
Trailers and reviews For an easier choise what to watch, play a trailer and look at the rating
A smaller amount of data We, as the only ones, use a modern H.265 coding. Therefore, your TV signal will not overflood your internet link.
HDHD broadcast/td> Enjoy high definition by stations broadcasting in HD.
It works everywhere Play Lepší.TV on TV, computer, tablet or smartphone. Compatible with Windows, iOS and Android
4K4K resolution Lepší.TV BOX is timeless. It's the 1st one in Czech Republic which can play video in a super high definition, 4K. When the TV stations start broadcasting in this resolution, you won't have to buy a new TV BOX.
Connecting your Lepší.TV box is easy.
Just connect the box to the internet and to the TV.
Lepší.TV works on every internet connection.
Contentment guaranteed!
If Lepší.TV doesn't meet your demands, you can reclaim the Lepší.TV BOX within 30 days and we will send you all your money back.
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Other users' Experience
I finally always have something to watch. I come home and I can choose from hundreds of movies I can instantly watch.
Pavel Gregor, 35 y.o.

I was surprised at the simplicity of connecting Lepší.TV box. You really just connect it to the internet and to the TV and within 3 minutes, I could start watching. :-)
Jana Šťastná, 45 y.o.

Since the children started playing games via Lepší.TV BOX on TV, they don't spoil their eyes on mobile phones. Moreover, the whole family started to enjoy gaming. Thanks.
Honza Nový, 29 y.o.
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